Apply for Undergraduate Admission

There are two ways to apply for admission:

      1. Online: to submit the application and fee online, read the instructions below, then click the “Apply Online” button. You will need to pay with a credit card in order for your application to be processed.
      2. Paper: to mail an application with a check, money order or an application fee waiver, download and print the paper application or contact the Office of Admissions for a copy.

Online Application Instructions

      1. Click “Begin New Application for Georgia Southern University.”
      2. Create an account in Be sure to keep a record of your account information.
      3. Complete the application. If you miss a required field, the application will give you an error message in red at the top of the specific page.
      4. At the end of the application, click “Submit.”
      5. Pay the $30 admission application fee. Please be aware that we cannot process an application fee waiver through our online application. You must mail in a paper application with the fee waiver attached.

NOTE: You should receive an email letting you know the application was successfully submitted. The GAcollege411 application will also keep a running history of the applications visited/submitted. This will help you remember which applications you have submitted. FORMER STUDENTS: If you have ever attended classes at Georgia Southern University, then you do not need to fill out an application for admission. You need to fill out a former student application from the Registrar’s Office.

Last updated: 8/15/2016

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