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Isaac-Josiah Olumor


Mechanical Engineering | Junior | Port-Harcourt, Nigeria


What was one fear you had before coming to college?

Well, I was scared I wouldn’t get to play soccer anymore. But on my first day, I went to the fields and saw others playing, so I joined them. That was when I knew Georgia Southern was the place for me.


What is your favorite part of your major?

As a Mechanical Engineering major, there is certainly a lot of math and physics, but it is always great when we have to analyze real world structural or machine problems and actually apply principles learned in class to solve them.


In your opinion, as an international student, what is the biggest misconception?

I had the misconception that in America, everything came easy. But I have learned that it is only through honesty and handwork that one can achieve anything in this great country.


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Last updated: 11/17/2016