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Kaleb Edwards

Kaleb Edwards 4website2

Mechanical Engineering | Senior | Freeport, The Bahamas


What is your favorite thing about Georgia Southern University?

I love the way the school has everything that you can possibly need within one area. With this, I mean the way other schools that are in larger cities may have buildings spread all over the city. With Georgia Southern, the RAC, library and all buildings are within walking distance.


What leadership roles or student organizations are you involved in?

The National Society of Black Engineers and The American Society of Mechanical Engineers that I joined my junior year. Along with being a member of just about all intramural sport teams.


Have you or any of your friends participated in any internships?

I have done two internships during the summer of my Sophomore and Junior years at a company called STATOIL. I also worked for Housing on campus as a Low Voltage Assistant and began in spring term of 2016.


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Last updated: 11/17/2016