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Leadership ConferenceFrequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all parts of the day mandatory?

A: Yes, all parts of the day are mandatory unless arrangements have been made prior to the event. We encourage you to think of the entire day as part of the interview process because you will be interacting with faculty and interview committee members from check-in to closing.

Q: When will I find out my interview time and what scholarships are available at the Conference?

A: You will be given your interview time at check-in from 8:00-9:00 AM on Saturday.

Please note that you will have only two interviews unless you are interested in the ROTC Scholarship. If you are interested in interviewing for the ROTC Scholarship, please email Stephen Warner at by Friday, February 17th. Information about the ROTC Scholarship can be found online at

Q: How can I prepare for my interview?

A: Be prepared to talk about your most meaningful leadership and service experiences. You have unique and interesting things to share, and the interview committee would like to hear about your passion for leadership and service.

Q: What parts of the day can my parents participate in? What programs are offered for them?

A: Parents are invited to the Academic Affairs and Student Services Browse at 8:00 AM. Parents are then encouraged to participate in a walking tour of campus and an information session hosted by the Office of Admissions from 9:00 – 11:15 AM. Parents will be on their own for the afternoon to enjoy Statesboro. The Parent & Family Association will provide a list of suggested lunch locations and afternoon activities.

Q: What is the attire for students at the conference?

A: We recommend that you dress in business casual so you are able to move around comfortably during the event. Please also wear comfortable shoes. Example for boys: a collared shirt with a nice pair of slacks. Example for girls: blouse or collared shirt with nice slacks or skirt, or a dress.

Q: Can I request a vegetarian meal for lunch (or share dietary restrictions)?

A: Yes. The meal on Saturday will consist of chicken, beef, or pork. Please notify us if you have any dietary restrictions, and we will be happy to provide you with an alternate meal. Any students who need a vegetarian plate should email Stephen Warner at by Friday, February 17th.

Q: Can I sign up for SOAR during the Leadership Conference?

A: Yes! As an accepted student to Georgia Southern, your next step is to sign up for SOAR (orientation). You can do this online at before, after, or during the Leadership Conference. Leadership Conference attendees are also eligible to attend SOAR Session A for scholars on June 1-2, 2017.

Q: Are there opportunities to participate in leadership development before I begin classes at Georgia Southern?

A:  Yes! We offer students an opportunity to build their leadership skills and begin to form relationships with members of the university community. Take advantage of BUILD, one of our pre-semester leadership programs, and take the first step in charting your course at Georgia Southern University. For more information on the dates of BUILD (week-long programs during the summer), click here, and come prepared to sign up at the Leadership Conference!

Q: How do I get to the Russell Student Union on the Georgia Southern campus?

From the North (Augusta): Come into Statesboro on Hwy 25/Hwy 80 (also called Northside Drive). As a reference, the first traffic light on this route will be at the Veterans Memorial Parkway/Bypass. At the 4th traffic light, turn right onto Highway 301 South Main Street. Your will pass through three traffic lights (1st – East/West Main Street, 2nd – Grady Street, 3rd – East/West Jones Avenue). At the 4th traffic light, turn left onto Tillman Road. At the next light, turn right onto Hwy 67/Fair Road. At the 2nd light, turn right onto Chandler Road. Take the first right into the Russell Union parking lot.

From the East (Savannah): Travel west on I-16 to exit 127. Turn right onto Highway 67 North at the top of the exit ramp. Drive approximately 10 miles. Upon entering the Statesboro city limits you will pass through five traffic lights (1st – Burkhalter Rd, 2nd – Veterans Memorial Parkway, 3rd – Brampton, 4th – Bermuda Run Road, 5th – Gentilly Road). At the 6th traffic light take a left onto Chandler Road. Take the first right into the Russell Union parking lot.

From the West (Macon): Travel east on I-16 to exit 116. Turn left onto Highway 301 at the top of the exit ramp. Drive approximately 9 miles. At the fourth traffic light, turn right onto Veterans Memorial Parkway/301 Bypass. (As a point of reference look for the Parker’s Station on your left at the intersection). After turning, you will pass through three lights (1st – Akins, 2nd – Lanier Drive, 3rd – Brampton Avenue). At the fourth light, turn left onto Hwy 67/Fair Road. After turning, you will travel through three lights (1st – Brampton, 2nd Bermuda Run Road, 3rd – Gentilly Road). At the 3rd traffic light, turn left onto Chandler Road. Take the first right into the Russell Union Parking Lot.

Last updated: 2/9/2017