Transfer Students

A student who has taken a college or university course after graduation from high school or left high school before graduating to enroll full-time in college courses is considered a transfer student for purposes of admission to Georgia Southern.

Transfer Admission Criteria

Regular Transfer
To be considered for regular transfer admission:

  1. Minimum 30 transferable semester hours or 45 transferable quarter hours
  2. Cumulative college GPA 2.0+ (all work attempted)
  3. Eligible to return to current school

Conditional Transfer
To be considered for conditional transfer admission:

  1. Have earned at least 15 transferable semester hours (or 22.5 quarter hours)
  2. Cumulative college GPA 2.0+ (all work attempted)
  3. Must prove with course schedule that you are on track to have at least 30 transferable semester hours (or 45 quarter hours) completed by the time you enter Georgia Southern.
  4. Eligible to return to current school

Freshmen Transfer
To be eligible for freshman transfer admission:

  1. Have earned no more than 30 transferable semester hours (or 45 quarter hours)
  2. Minimum 1010 SAT (Math + Critical Reading only, based on old SAT exam) or 21 ACT (composite)
    State minimum requirements for the SAT (old): 430 Critical Reading, 400 Math; for the ACT: 17 English, 17 Math
    NOTE: SAT/ACT scores taken after a student has been enrolled in college level credit in a college/university (after high school graduation) cannot be used for admission consideration.
  3. High School Academic GPA 2.0+
  4. Complete the required high school curriculum:
    • 4 English Credits
    • 4 Math Credits
    • 4 Science credits (at least 2 lab science)
    • 3 Social Sciences credits
    • 2 Foreign Language credits (same language)
  5. Cumulative college GPA 2.0+ (all work attempted)
  6. Eligible to return to current school

See the Freshman Admissions page for additional information.

Students are required to send official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions where they have attempted work. All transcripts must be received before an admissions file will be reviewed.

Note: If you graduated from High School 5 or more years prior to your intended enrollment date, you are considered a Non-Traditional student. To learn more, visit our Non-Traditional Students page.

Transfer and Spring/Fall Transient students who have taken remedial, learning support, and/or required high school curriculum make-up courses in college must:

  • Exit those courses successfully, and
  • Earn credit for Area A equivalent courses that correspond to the mandated remedial/learning support courses with a “C” or higher, and
  • Accumulate 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours beyond those courses

Remedial, learning support, and required high school curriculum make-up courses do not count towards transfer hours or the transfer GPA. If you have these types of courses, you are no longer eligible for Freshman Transfer Acceptance.

Meet your Admissions Team

Neal Richardson, Associate Director for Transfer Recruitment
Brittanie Blunt, Coordinator of Online Program & Transfer Recruitment
Stephanie del Forn, Coordinator of Residency & Processing
Katie Siler, Transfer Credit Evaluator

Questions? Email us.

The Georgia Southern Office of Undergraduate Admissions will only maintain a record of non-enrolling student test scores and transcripts for five years. Admission applications and fees are only kept for two years.

Academic Renewal

Academic Renewal, sometimes referred to as academic forgiveness, can assist a student, who for one reason or another, struggled academically, left an institution, and now hopes to return to that same or a different institution. This could be a student who attended college directly from high school and, unprepared for the academic rigor of college, left school. This student may decide to return later after he or she has worked for a few years, is more mature and is academically prepared. The returning or transfer student can apply to have this previous grade point average replaced with a “renewed” grade point average. Academic Renewal encourages students to return without fear of being continuously penalized for past mistakes in their academic career.

  • Georgia Southern University will consider Academic Renewal on transferable courses that were taken three or more years prior to the term of enrollment.
  • If a student receives Academic Renewal, they will no longer have credit or grades for any transferable courses in which they earned a D or F, pending those courses were taken three or more years prior to the first term of enrollment at Georgia Southern University. These courses and grades, along with Academic Renewal status, will still be printed on transcripts, however.
  • Students may only be granted Academic Renewal once in their academic career.
  • Academic Renewal granted at another University System of Georgia institution will be honored at Georgia Southern University.
  • The granting of Academic Renewal will not supersede the admission requirements of certain programs (i.e. teacher education, nursing), which require a specific minimum GPA based upon all course work, or graduate programs.
  • For additional information and guidelines on Academic Renewal, refer to the Georgia Southern University Undergraduate Catalog (page 64 in the 2014-2015 version).
  • The granting of Academic Renewal does not supersede financial aid policies regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).  All attempted hours will count in the SAP calculation for financial aid.


Steps for New Transfer Students to Request Academic Renewal

  1. Apply for admission and submit transcripts for all college work attempted.
  2. Once a decision has been made, you will receive a letter in the mail. You can also check your status online.
  3. If you are denied admission, you may request to be considered for Academic Renewal.
  4. If you are admitted, you may request to be considered for Academic Renewal by the Office of Admissions. You may also request (AR) after you enroll by contacting the Office of the Registrar. You only have one year to request Academic Renewal after enrolling.
  5. Before Academic Renewal is granted by the Office of Admissions, you must speak with an Admissions Counselor and agree to the terms of Renewal.

Request Form for Academic Renewal (New Transfer Students Only)


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