Transient Students

A transient student is an undergraduate student in good standing at another accredited institution who enrolls for one semester at Georgia Southern University in order to complete work to be transferred back to the parent institution.

Admissions Criteria
  1. Apply for Admission ($30 application fee)
  2. Letter of Good Standing from current school

Meet your Admissions Team

Neal Richardson, Associate Director for Transfer Recruitment
Nicole Noel-Charles, Coordinator of Transfer Recruitment
Michael Brundage, Coordinator of Online Programs and Transfer Recruitment
Brooks Evans, Coordinator of Residency and Recruitment

Stephanie del Forn, Transfer Credit Evaluator
Lauren Campbell, Transfer Credit Evaluator

The Georgia Southern Office of Undergraduate Admissions will only maintain a record of non-enrolling student test scores and transcripts for five years. Admission applications and fees are only kept for two years.

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