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Carlos Flores



What is your favorite little known campus resource?

My favorite little known campus resource maybe is the Japanese club because it where I learn about Japanese culture which I particularly love and also I spend time with my friends. But also I like the BCM trips to Walmart on Wednesday because I go with my friends and beside getting my food and everything, I consider it to be like a small field trip every week.


What was your favorite part of freshman, sophomore, and junior year?

My favorite part of freshman year was when on Thanksgiving break, I went to Disney with my Japanese friends. And my favorite part of sophomore year so far has been the International Ambassadors training.


What do you want to do after leaving Georgia Southern University?

After leaving GS, I plan to attend graduate school in either a PhD in forensic or sport psychology, have an internship, work in a lab or perform my own research, which would be awesome


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Last updated: 11/9/2017