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Erick Lopez



What was one fear you had before coming to college?

One of the fears I had before coming to GS was that I was going to be away from home, away from my family and the fear that I would not spend time with them or see them.


What is your favorite spot on campus?

I like to spend time by myself in the baseball stadium. During my first semester, one day I was wandering around campus as I had nothing else to do. The gate was open and some students were having baseball practice. Spending about 30 minutes over there was really great. The cold breeze, the sound the baseball made with the bat, the sound the baseball made with the glove – I was enjoying the practice as I thought of how my semester was going.


Have you or any of your friends participated in any on-campus jobs?

I am a Community Leader in the residence hall and my friends have been SOAR orientation leaders. We started these jobs during our sophomore and junior years, respectively.


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Last updated: 11/9/2017