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Janae Culmer

What was one fear you had before coming to college?

One fear I had before coming to college was it was going to be bombarded with so much people, but Georgia Southern University is definitely a big University with a small time feel. Never have I felt overwhelmed by great amount of people on campus and I love that.


What is your favorite spot on campus?

My favorite spot on campus would definitely be Dining Commons. I have a meal plan which I use to my full advantage. I go there before classes, in between classes, after classes. I just love to munch! There’s a variety of dishes everyday, some dishes which you can even customize.


What is your main piece of advice for incoming international students?

My main piece of advice for incoming international students is to don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Coming into a new environment that you’re unfamiliar with, you’re bound to misconstrue a few things, but always remember that life is a learning process and ever allow a few mistake to conquer you.

Last updated: 11/9/2017