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International Student Spotlight


Carlos Flores


Hometown: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Year at Southern: Sophomore

Major: Psychology

Minor: Sociology

I chose Georgia Southern for several reasons. I heard from previous students that it has a remarkable psychology program that involves a lot of research. But most importantly, I decided to come here to meet new people from other countries and open opportunities for my future as a professional.

Everyone I meet asks me this question, and I never know how to respond because I really enjoy everything the university offers us as students. For example, the diverse variety of classes you can take as a student and the diversity of people you can meet throughout your academic experience are two of the most outstanding things I love about Georgia Southern.

Professors at Georgia Southern are incredible. If you need help or advice in one of your classes you should talk to them and they will really help you a lot. Not only for classes but also for recommendation letters or being part of their laboratories and research. Overall they are really open to students that show interest in what they teach.

My plans after graduation are to attend graduate school and have a masters or PhD in forensic psychology, and maybe conduct some research at the same time.

Why Georgia Southern is a good place for International Students – I feel that Georgia southern is an excellent place for international student because you can meet a huge diversity of people from other countries and also because the university has programs that help international students adapt and get used to college life.


Uche Alexander


Hometown: Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

Year at Southern: Junior

Majors: Economics and Finance

I chose Georgia Southern because I liked the facilities and approach they offer for my field of studies. They not only focus on academic success, but career growth and development.

My favorite thing about Georgia Southern is that they offer many diverse student organizations that present opportunities that allows persons to grow and succeed as individuals.

At Georgia Southern there are a lot of academic programs to choose from and the professors are all about helping their students to become successful. The professors are willing to help you with any problems you are having inside and outside of classes. They make the students their top priority!

After graduation, I plan to pursue a career that fits naturally with my Economics and Finance studies.

Why Georgia Southern is a good place for International Students – Georgia Southern is a great place for International Students because the environment here is very welcoming. Professors, staff and also the students are very easy-going and always willing to assist with various problems you have. The hospitality offered makes your experience at Georgia Southern a great journey.


Sharmita Porshia


Hometown: Khulna, Bangladesh

Year at Southern: Sophomore

Majors: Business Information Systems

I chose Georgia Southern because the “large-scale, small-feel” research university tagline on the website caught my attention. I always craved to earn a Bachelor’s degree in one of the world’s best college education systems, but I also wanted to experience the diversity of different countries and cultures, thus Georgia Southern seemed a perfect fit.

The best thing about Georgia Southern is how accepting everyone is. I can totally be “myself,” preserve my own culture and practice my own beliefs. Like I always say, “I feel more ‘Bengali’ after coming to Georgia Southern.”

The faculty at Georgia Southern always try their best to extend the learning environment beyond the classroom by relating the textbook theory with hands-on experiences. Professors promote student growth both academically and socially. I believe that the chances of success of a student here at Georgia Southern becomes so high and obvious when he/she is surrounded by such an amazing group of scholars.

After graduation, I want to begin my career as an Information Systems Analyst, where I can demonstrate advanced skills learned at Georgia Southern, and also serve the community by sharing my knowledge and expertise.

The caring faculty and staff, the beautiful weather, and the southern hospitality will make Georgia Southern every international students’ second home.

Okonkwo Valentine Ekene


Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Year at Southern: Sophomore

Major: Pre Nursing/Nursing

I researched Georgia Southern and was impressed with their prestigious nursing program and learning-centered environment.

My favorite thing about Georgia Southern is what the motto says—it’s “large scale, small feel.” This is one of the unique qualities that makes Georgia Southern what it is. Furthermore, Georgia Southern’s diverse organizations allow international students to be involved with campus activities and be a part of the American experience but also stay true to their own culture.

Academics at Southern are simply amazing and to tell you the truth, professors do not always make it easy for students but they do that to make us work harder. That’s why Georgia Southern always produces exceptional graduates. The professors actually try to be an integral part of your success. They care about your progress as a student of Georgia Southern.

Georgia Southern has amazing programs for international student like organizations, clubs, and events. Georgia Southern also gives international students equal opportunities as other students on campus and access to relevant university resources.

After graduation, I plan on working for a couple years then possibly going to medical school to be an anesthetist.

Last updated: 3/8/2021