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Kevin Chua

2006 │Malaysia


Why did you choose Georgia Southern?

My aunt was a long time resident of Statesboro. When it was time to go to college and I had the opportunity to learn how to become independent, Georgia Southern became my top choice.


What is your favorite Georgia Southern memory?

My work as a computer lab assistant at Henderson Library throughout college.


What is your current job position and where are you living?

I’m a Senior IT Auditor and I’m in Charlotte, NC.


What do you love about your job?

As part of my work, I have the opportunity to travel to different countries in the Asia Pacific Region, Middle East, Latin America, and Europe. In addition, I get to work with folks from different cultures and backgrounds. This can become challenging and exciting at the same time. It opens my mind to different possibilities and potentials.


How has your experience at Georgia Southern helped you in your career?

My work and involvement in different activities both within and outside the classroom while at Georgia Southern really enhanced my communication and socialization skills.


What career advice would you give to current Georgia Southern International students?

Enjoy your time and learn as much as you can at Georgia Southern, but do not lose your sights on your ultimate goal to finish up.  Georgia Southern is a starting point.  You can go to different places beyond your imagination if you have the courage and tenacity to apply yourselves.

Last updated: 11/16/2016