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Scholarship Application

To apply for scholarships, you must first submit an Application for Admission. The Scholarship Application can be completed as part of the Application for Admission, or it can be submitted separately after applying for admission. Access your Scholarship Application after applying through your Admissions Status Check Page.

Georgia Southern University awards scholarships to new students based on academic merit and responses on the Scholarship Application. To be considered for merit-based scholarships, entrance into the Honors College, and entrance into leadership programs, students must be both accepted to Georgia Southern and complete the Scholarship Application by the following dates:

  • Fall Freshmen Priority Deadline: February 1
  • Fall Transfers: May 1
  • Spring Transfers: December 1

Options for submitting your Scholarship Application:

  1. Complete the application as part of your Application for Admission.
  2. Complete the application after submitting your Application for Admission. Access through your Admissions Status Check Page.

Helpful Tips for Completing Your Application

  • You must apply for admission for access to your Scholarship Application.
  • You can access the Scholarship Application through your Application for Admission. If you want to submit it after submitting your Application for Admission, access it through your Admissions Status Check Page (Scholarship info tab). The link will only be live between August 1 and May 2.
  • To be considered for scholarships, you must be both accepted to Georgia Southern and have submitted the Scholarship Application by the scholarship application deadline.
  • Freshman students must be accepted and have their Scholarship Application submitted by May  1 for scholarship consideration.
  • To be considered for Honors College scholarships or admission to the Honors College via a holistic review, students must complete the Scholarship Application and write the Honors College essay within the application.
  • To be considered for admission into the Southern Leaders Program (Statesboro) or the Nick Mamalakis Emerging Leaders Program (Savannah), students must select that they are interested in Leadership Programming on the Scholarship Application.
  • The sooner you begin and submit the application, the better. You never know what unforeseen issues (technological or other) may arise, and some scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Do not wait until the night before the deadline.
  • Read the entire application and complete all of the essays or questions that apply to you and your interests.
  • Write your personal statement and essays in advance of the deadlines to allow for time to proof and revise. We suggest writing and proofing your essays in a Microsoft Word document, then copying and pasting the essays into the application when you are ready to submit.
  • Check your major on your Admissions Status Check Page.  If the major listed is different than what you’ve listed on your scholarship application, contact the Office of Admissions at
  • Once your Scholarship Application is received, all of your materials will be reviewed.
  • Make sure to check your email on a regular basis.  If you have opted out of receiving emails, you may miss out on valuable information concerning scholarships. If you’re unsure as to whether or not you are receiving emails from Georgia Southern, contact the Office of Admissions. The email address used to communicate with you will be listed under Personal Information on the Admissions Status Check Page.
  • Get to know your Admissions Counselor.  They will be your best resource concerning scholarships and can recommend you to the scholarship committees.

Last updated: 9/21/2021