Preparing for Advisement

You are encouraged to begin looking at the classes needed for your major and consider the requirements of your academic program. You can view advisement information and courses needed by visiting the Academic Advisement website.

If you need to change your major, be sure to do so at least two weeks prior to SOAR – Change Major Form.


If you are an incoming freshman (or freshman transfer with less than 30 hours), you will be required to a First-Year Seminar course. Visit the First-Year Experience website to view the themes available prior to SOAR. Be sure to come to SOAR with your top ten list!

If you are an incoming transfer student, you have the opportunity to be advised prior to SOAR and receive an approved advising schedule that will provide you quicker access to registration at SOAR. In some cases, your advisor can register you for critical courses that are needed for your degree program before attending SOAR to ensure you will get the classes.

An advisor will contact you and help you select your classes. If you would like to change your major, do so now. Early advisement and registration only applies if you do not change majors during the SOAR Session. If a change of major occurs at SOAR, any prior advisement and/or registration will be canceled and you will be required to attend SOAR advisement during the designated time for your new academic college.

Last updated: 12/14/2018

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