Mary Ashton Salter

Senior|Marketing |Lousiville, GA

Why did you choose Georgia Southern?

I chose Georgia Southern to be my home away from home because I felt valued and important here. I noticed something different about Georgia Southern that I did not expect to find from a college. I found that Georgia Southern cared about me. They are a big family, and that is exactly what I needed coming into college.

What is your favorite place on campus and why?

I have two favorite places on campus: Sweetheart Circle and the Russell Union. I love the offices and eating options in the Union. But, I also love quiet time and picnics on Sweetheart.

As a new student, what was your favorite part of the SOAR program?

My favorite part of my SOAR experience was meeting and spending time with my soon to be roommates. They made it so fun and memorable. We also got lost on campus one night, and it took us forever to find people. That was a funny night and an experience I will never forget.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to incoming students?

I have a lot of advice for you, but I will keep it short and simple. Be yourself. Find your people. Get involved. Doing these three things have made my college experience one worthwhile. You will never regret putting yourself out there and getting outside of your comfort zone. How else will you grow? You can do this!

What is your favorite memory or experience at Georgia Southern thus far?

Although I have countless favorite memories, I believe winning against App State and Georgia State in football and then getting to flood the field afterwards was one of my absolute favorites. I also got to meet Chad Lunsford (the head coach) while being on the field. And let’s just say, I. Was. Thriving.

Fun Fact:

I am not sure if this is necessarily a “fun” fact, but I am terrified of birds. How fitting for me to go to a school where our mascot is a bird. We love to see it.


Last updated: 6/26/2020

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