RJ Scott

Junior | Chemistry | Thomasville, GA

Why did you choose Georgia Southern?

Georgia Southern is an amazing school. I had applied and been accepted to multiple schools. However, when visiting the other schools that I had applied to, either they were too modernized and did not give off the college campus expectations, the college was too close to home, and/or they did not show enough interest in me a possible attendee of the university. But when I stepped onto Georgia Southern Campus, I immediately fell in love. Being from a small town and watching movies about college campuses, it was exactly what I had expected. My open house group leaders (I loved the open house energy so much that I went twice) and my SOAR leader herself (who was amazing) left me with no doubt of where I would spend the next four years of my college career. The love that they showed to my family and me left us know that this university would forever be a home away from home.

What is your favorite place on campus and why?

During the heat of the school year, classes tend to become intense. Since I do not like to find myself under too much stress, I love going to one of the best fitness facilities that I have ever seen known as the RAC. There is virtually no exercise that they do not have. It introduced me to bouldering, which is something that I had never heard of before I got to Georgia Southern. Being here I get to do my favorite activities such as boxing, football, basketball, and now bouldering.

As a new student, what was your favorite part of the SOAR program?

As a new student, my favorite part of the SOAR program were the small groups. Small groups taught me so much about other people and myself. I realized that everyone has a story and the vulnerability to share life stories to people that you have just met for the first time was extremely empowering in my eyes.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to incoming students?

People will forever have something to say about what they do not understand. I was for a while that “you should not go to that school”, “it’s dangerous up there”, or “it’s a party school”. My advice would be something that I had to tell myself before I made my decision on coming here: life and school are what you make of it. For one, if a person attended parties and became a party person while at Georgia Southern, the school did not change. It has always remained a place to earn a degree from. So, my advice is do not get lost in the music and remember that the priority is to get the degree and SOAR in 4!

What is your favorite memory or experience at Georgia Southern thus far? 

My favorite memory and experience at Georgia Southern were when I moved into my freshman year dorm. It was such a beautiful thing for me. It let me know that all the hard work that I had put in while I was in high school had not been in vein. It was a great heart felt moment that I had with my parents as we exchanged tears in recognizing that I am no longer the little boy that they had always seen me to be. The smile that I was able to put on their faces due to knowing that all their time and investment that they had put in as parents had paid off will forever hold value in my heart.

Fun Fact:

A fun fact about me is I love playing the piano and I do not know how to read music. I play by ear and do what I believe to be surprisingly good at it. Also, I am a first-generation college student.

Last updated: 6/3/2020

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