Brian Evans

Junior | Communication Studies | Lilburn, Georgia

Why did you choose Georgia Southern?

At the end of the my senior year in high school, I truly wasn’t even considering Georgia Southern. It was too far from home, I knew no one there, and I didn’t really know anything about the educational programs offered. My sister told me the week after I graduated that I needed to at least tour the campus so I listened to her. As soon as I pulled onto Sweetheart Circle (and went around the circle at least three times looking for Lewis Hall) I fell in love with how beautiful that part of campus is. On my tour I was shown around the whole university and fell even more in love. So truly, I fell in love with the university’s beauty. Once I got home, I did research on the Liberal Arts program and found out that it was everything I was looking for.

What is your favorite place on campus and why?

My favorite place on campus, being the reason I came here, is Sweetheart Circle. It is perfect for everything from eno’ing with friends, to studying, to doing something athletic with friends!

As a new student, what was your favorite part of the SOAR program?

I loved small groups when I came through SOAR! I met people I am still friends with today and learned what it truly means to be an Eagle.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to incoming students?

For incoming students, I would recommend getting as involved as fast as possible. It sounds cliche but involvement is the key to thriving in college. Being involved makes you truly prioritize your time and it helps you grow as not only a student but as a person.

What is your favorite memory or experience at Georgia Southern thus far?

After football games, when the band plays It Is Well, it gives me chills. You just have to experience it.

Fun Fact:

I’ve been to over 20 concerts.

Last updated: 5/30/2018

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