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Parent & Family Association

The Parent & Family Association is a dues-paying organization for parent, family members, and supporters of current Georgia Southern students. Contributions and membership dues finance the Parent & Family Association, covering membership benefits, scholarship awards, university sponsorships, and other expenses approved by the Family Council.

Membership is by email address: One Year – $35 | Four Years – $125

It is the mission of the Parent & Family Association to:

  • Encourage mutual understanding and to facilitate communication between parents/families and the University.
  • Sponsor programs and services that meet the needs of parents and involve parents/families in the life of the University community.
  • Promote the development of the University and its students by supporting the Parents Fund and Georgia Southern Foundation.
  • Contribute to student persistence and academic success by promoting institutional loyalty in the entire family

Read the Parent & Family Association By-Laws here.

Benefits of being a member of the Parent & Family Association include:

  • Parent & Family Association Scholarships – The scholarship application is available only to students of Association members.
  • Local & National Discounts – These include the University Store (nontextbook items), the Dining Commons, local restaurants, and hotel and car rental companies.
  • Family Weekend Discounts – There are discounts for all family events.
  • Family Wall Calendar – This full-color calendar contains important Georgia Southern dates and beautiful imagery.

The Family Council is an active group of volunteers responsible for advising on Parent & Family Association programs and allocation of dues and donations revenue. They work closely with University administrators. We are always looking for enthusiastic family members to join the council and make a difference at Georgia Southern University!

  • Council members participate in the regularly scheduled monthly teleconference meetings. 
  • Council members attend the Fall and Spring face-to-face council meetings at family weekend events.
  • Council members volunteer at Georgia Southern events such as Operation Move‐In, Family Weekends, Admissions Recruitment Eagle Previews and Information Nights, and Admissions scholarship events.
  • Council members volunteer at summer SOAR (orientation) sessions. 

Devora Griffin

Jeffrey Miller
Vice President

David King
Secretary & Past President

Lori Oren
Treasurer & Past President

Gregory Francisco
President Emeritus

Linda Clarkson
Past President

Deborah (Dee) Simmons
Council Member

Jay Watrous
Council Member

Jennifer Redman
Council Member

Mary Grace Thomas
Council Member

Nicole Carter
Council Member

Alisha Green
Council Member

Todd McCollum
Council Member

Curtis Eidson
Past President

Pattie Beblowski
Past President

Melanie Nipper
Council Member

Debbie Harris
Council Member

Family volunteers help spread the word about what a great place Georgia Southern is!  You could help recruit a new student, answer questions from inquisitive family members about your experience, or mentor a current student pursuing a career in your field.

Admissions Recruitment Events – Speak with prospective students and their family members about Georgia Southern.  Families love to hear directly from you about what it’s like to be a family member of a Georgia Southern student!  Some events occur on-campus, but others might be right in your home town.

SOAR – Represent Family Programs during SOAR sessions. You will be able to mingle with incoming families and discuss the benefits of joining the Parent & Family Association.

Are you interested in volunteering? Email

Last updated: 5/25/2020