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Freshmen Student Spotlight


Moses Malloy


Hometown: Richmond Hill, GA

Year at Southern: Sophomore

Major: Psychology

Minor: Mathematics

I chose Georgia Southern because as soon as I walked on campus for SOAR, the campus felt like home. I immediately felt comfortable and a part of a family. On top of that, I loved that Georgia Southern not only makes it a priority to propel us to new heights in our academics, but they also challenge us to grow and be better members of our communities and leave a lasting legacy of excellence.

My favorite thing about Georgia Southern is how true the saying “large-scale, small-feel” is. I love being able to sit in Russell Union, or anywhere on campus, and see somebody I know walk by every few minutes.

One of the Georgia Southern values is Scholarship. We are encouraged to pursue academic distinction through learning, teaching and research. This is another reason that I am glad to be an Eagle. We are a school that strives for greatness and this is seen through our top-notch programs and great instructors. There are also so many resources on campus that make it their mission to ensure that you excel.

After graduation, I plan to continue my education and pursue my Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration.


Chyna James


Hometown: Snellville, GA

Year at Southern: Senior

Major: Journalism

I chose Georgia Southern because of its beautiful campus, its numerous hands-on opportunities, and the amazing people that continuously made me feel like Georgia Southern would truly be my home away from home.

My favorite thing about Georgia Southern is the “Large-Scale, Small-Feel” experience I have received throughout my time here. I honestly feel as if I get the best of both worlds being on a large campus while still being able to get the personal attention that I need.

Professors here really care, not only about my success while at Georgia Southern, but how that success will impact and shape my career in the future.

After graduation, I plan to work for a news station to later become an impactful news anchor.


Skyler Hooper


Hometown: Carrollton, GA

Year at Southern: Senior

Major: Child and Family Development

Emphasis: Child Development

I chose Georgia Southern because I fell in love with the beautiful campus, the hospitality I received, and the overwhelming sense that I had found my home.

My favorite thing about Georgia Southern is the immense amount of opportunity for students to find their niche and make a name for themselves which helps them become the person they’re meant to be in society.

I feel as if we are set up for success in our classes, especially our major classes, because we have a chance to develop close and personal relationships with our professors, who genuinely care for our success and well-being.

After graduation, I hope to begin my Master’s Degree in Counselor Education here at Georgia Southern to become a school counselor. While in graduate school, I hope to get a job, either as a Graduate Assistant or working as a preschool teacher until I finish the program.


Maura Tereniak


Hometown: Cumming, GA

Year at Southern: Freshman

Major: Forensic Accounting


I chose Georgia Southern because it’s my home away from home. My two older sisters graduated from Georgia Southern and I couldn’t imagine not following in their footsteps.

My favorite thing about Georgia Southern is the beautiful, easy-to-navigate campus.

After graduation I plan on moving back to Atlanta to search for an accountant position.


Justin Keck


Hometown: Milton, GA

Year at Southern: Senior

Major: Construction Management and Logistics

I chose Georgia Southern because it was far enough from home where I wouldn’t want to go home every weekend, while still being close enough to do so if I really needed to.

My favorite thing about Georgia Southern is game day, the atmosphere and a sense of school pride.

Professors are extremely friendly and I encourage you to develop relationships with them throughout your college career.

After graduation I plan to become a Project Manager for a commercial construction company.

Last updated: 8/29/2016