Move On When Ready (formerly Accel)

Program Updates

Formerly known as the Accel program, the new Move On When Ready (MOWR) program provides opportunities for eligible high school students to enroll at Georgia Southern and earn both high school and college credit. This program combines the best features of the Accel program with those of the previous MOWR program. These changes will reduce the cost of participation in the program, as well as expand the types of classes students are able to enroll in. Some notable updates include:

  • All tuition and mandatory fees are waived:  It is not yet known which fee-supported services and programs on campus MOWR students will have access to. Students may still be required to pay certain fees to have access to various resources on campus.  Parking, for instance, is not a mandatory fee, and any student choosing to park on campus will be responsible for purchasing a parking permit. But there will be no charge to the student to enroll in and attend classes at Georgia Southern through this program.
  • Broader course offerings: All of the previously approved Accel courses will be combined with the MOWR supplemental course list to expand the course availability to students in the program.  This will add nearly 50 additional courses including computer science, criminal justice, international studies, physical education, engineering graphics, and First-Year Seminars. Students may also enroll full-time or part-time, taking up to fifteen or more credit hours.
  • Free textbooks for students: The new MOWR program will provide free access to required texts. More information on this update will be coming soon.

Please note that there are additional program details that are still being finalized.  We will continue to update this website as new information is received.


To be eligible for the Move On When Ready program (formerly called Accel) you must meet the following:

  1. Attend a private or public secondary educational institution within the State of Georgia or a home study program operated pursuant to §O.C.G.A. 20-2-690.
  2. Have a minimum 1010 SAT (Math + Critical Reading only) or 21 ACT (composite)*
  3. Have a High School academic GPA of 3.0 or higher
  4. Obtain approval from High School guidance counselor and parents/guardians by completing the MOWR application
  5. Be on track to complete the Required High School Curriculum, as defined by the University System of Georgia:
    • 4 English Credits
    • 4 Math Credits
    • 4 Science credits
    • 3 Social Sciences credits
    • 2 Foreign Language credits (same language)
  6. Have High School Junior status or age 16. Exceptions can be reviewed by the Director of Admissions.

Students not eligible for the Move On When Ready Program (out of state students, for instance), but who want to dual-enroll, should contact Maria Laurato in the Office of Admissions.

*We can only make a decision based on the highest scores that we receive. Please make sure that those scores are up-to-date. If you submit scores and then take the test again, then you may submit the new scores for us to review. We will simply reassess your file and make another decision based on the updated scores.  Georgia Southern will accept current and redesigned SAT scores for admission (offered beginning spring 2016).

Any student wanting to participate in Move On When Ready should speak with their high school guidance counselor before starting the application process.

Learn more about the Move On When Ready program at Georgia Southern by visiting First-Year Experience.


Tuition and mandatory fees will be covered through the Move On When Ready program. Students will also be provided access to required textbooks for each course at no cost. We will provide more information regarding cost once the program details have been finalized.

Learn more about the Move On When Ready program at Georgia Southern by visiting First-Year Experience.

Apply Now

All students wishing to apply as a Move On When Ready student at Georgia Southern must complete the regular application for Undergraduate Admission and submit all necessary documents listed below. For now, choose “Accel” on the application under Student Type.

    • Application (the $30 application fee is waived)
    • Official High School transcripts of all courses and grades to date
    • List of current courses in progress
    • Official SAT or ACT scores with Writing score

Students must be 16 years of age or hold a high school status of “junior” before they can enroll in courses through Move On When Ready. Exceptions will be reviewed by the Director of Admissions.

Learn more about the Move On When Ready program at Georgia Southern by visiting First-Year Experience.

Final Steps
  1. Meet with your high school counselor and sign the student and parent/guardian MOWR advisement form.
  2. Once you have been accepted, you will be contacted by First-Year Experience regarding advisement and registration.
  3. Once you have registered for classes, submit your MOWR Program Application to your high school counselor to complete.  You will need to submit this application for every term you enroll in the MOWR program.
  4. All MOWR students must attend SOAR (orientation).  Full-time MOWR students beginning in the fall term will attend a two-day freshmen session during the summer.  Part-time MOWR students starting in the fall term will attend a special SOAR in late-July/early-August.  All students beginning in the spring and summer terms will attend a one-day spring or summer SOAR.  For questions about SOAR, contact Maria Laurato.
Continuing at Georgia Southern

If you choose to continue at Georgia Southern after high school graduation:

  1. Please notify your Admissions Counselor, Maria Laurato, and your Academic Advisor in the First-Year Experience. Be sure to tell them if you want to begin in the summer or fall after you graduate from high school.
  2. You will not have to re-apply to Georgia Southern, but you will need to send in an updated high school transcript showing grades through at least your junior year of high school. You will also need to provide a full schedule of your senior classes. You must be accepted to Georgia Southern as a new freshman before you can register for classes.
  3. You must abide by all new freshmen policies, including the First-Year Live On Requirement.
  4. You are not required to attend SOAR again. If you attended Georgia Southern part-time as a Move On When Ready student, however, we highly recommend you attend a new freshmen two-day SOAR session.
  5. Students are eligible to apply for scholarships through the Office of Admissions for their first term as a freshman.


Learn more about the Move On When Ready program at Georgia Southern by visiting First-Year Experience.

Contact Us

Program Questions:
Maria Laurato, Coordinator of Freshmen & Move On When Ready Recruitment
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Advisement & Registration Questions:
Jen MacDonald, Assistant Director of First-Year Experience
(912) 478-3939 | Email | Accel Advisement Website

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